Finally, a Browser with Real Privacy

Qebot ON with Privacy+ gives you, your home, and your business privacy and security on a whole new level!

Click the button below to activate Privacy+ for your account

Activate Privacy+

With Privacy+ get the privacy you're looking for to stay safe, and anonymous while online

No Browser Tracking or Data Selling

When you upgrade to Privacy+ for only $5.99 per month, all data tracking is only used for your own browsing experience.

Zero individual data of your browsing history, device type, IP, location, unique identifier and more will be shared with anyone - not even Qebot's own team.

VPN with a Click

With Privacy+, not only does your tracking stop immediately, but you also have access to a state of the art VPN that can be turned on or off with a click.

Keep your information completely private while on public or private networks by activating your VPN with a click.

Ad and 3rd Party Site Blocking

When Privacy+ is activated, so is our ad blocking and 3rd party site data blocking.

Rest assured that trackers that can pull data from your device, and sites that you visit won't be able to extract personal information about you or your device.

Keep your business, your business, with Privacy+.