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Better Work/Life Balance with Qebot ON

Keep better work/life balance with Qebot ON's personal and professional profiles

Qebot ON allows you to seamlessly switch between work and play

Personal Profiles

Create personal profiles for you and your family so each person can have a customized internet experience.

Each user can set up their favorite apps like streaming services, shopping, banking, gaming, and more into their own Sn[App] bar for quick access.

Keep browsing habits and saved searches separate while using your own version of the built in browser, and add all of your favorite extensions.

Business Profiles

Business profiles allow you to set up a version of Qebot ON that is customized to your work experience.

Snap your most used applications to your Sn[App] toolbar to quickly and easily access the tools you need to do your job. No more hunting for tabs or remembering URL's.

Shop our marketplace of top-rated business technologies at reduced prices and no long-term contracts.

Easily Switch Back & Forth

With Qebot ON personal and business profiles you can quickly and easily switch back and forth

Get notifications if you have tasks or alerts in either profile if you'd like.

Connect your personal and business profiles to any computer you use, and sync your settings for seamless transfer from work to home

Keep that balance with the Qebot ON!