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WebOS Professional Gives You Productivity and Control Like Never Before

Qebot's WebOS Professional will drive efficiencies across your entire organization, no matter the size or industry

Higher Productivity

Average Qebot WebOS users see a 30% increase in day-to-day task productivity using the Sn[App] Toolbar

Simple User Management

On and off board users in minutes. User roles and settings allow you to give employees access to what they need, and lock down what they don't

Better Data Protection

With your businesses online operations working through a single operating system, user and data access can be turned on and off with a click

Sn[App] Bar Drives Productivity

Give your employees access to the tools they need to do their job, and have them Snap them to their Sn[App] Bar. With all of their most used apps just a click away, users don't lose time searching tabs, logging in and out of tools, or just not using the technology you set up for your business.

User Roles Give Access Where Needed

Give your employees the access they need to the tools they need while blocking what they don't. Keep better track of user actions and projects. Simplify on-boarding new employees, and shut off full access of all tools and apps with a click when someone leaves. The Qebot WebOS gives you the controls you need.

Accessible Anywhere

The Qebot WebOS can be downloaded and synced to any computer you might work from. Don't worry about getting home and not having your passwords, documents, app access unavailable. Sync all of your devices and work from anywhere!

Qebot's App Marketplace

Qebot's App Marketplace gives you access to top-rated technologies, fully integrated into your WebOS, and at lower than market prices.
Tools purchased and activated through the App Marketplace are integrated within the system to seamlessly exchange data, are fully single sign-on, are all billed once a month and itemized in a single monthly invoice, and have a single source for all support inquiries.