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Schools and Non-Profits

Qebot offers free WebOS Premium and discounts on tools to qualifying schools and non-profits to drive productivity, savings, and user management like never before.

WebOS Premium for Schools and Non-Profits

Qebot take being a part of our global community seriously. That is why we offer WebOS Premium at no cost to qualifying educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations. Drive productivity, manage your team more effectively, save money, and receive all the benefits of our premium service at no cost.

Best-In-Class Technology

Qebot’s products are sourced from partnerships with technology providers that are leaders in their respective fields. Rest assured that when you activate new software, it will be easy to use, extremely powerful and the most cost effective on the market.

And with our schools and non-profits program, you can get pricing on technology that isn't available anywhere else on the market!

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