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The Future Launches July 2022.

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Your computer has an operating system - now the internet does too.

Upgrade from browser based internet access to Qebot's customizable web operation system. Meet the next gen WebOS.

Your online productivity Engine

No more hunting for tabs, logging in and out of apps, and switching between browser windows for different accounts.

Connect all of the applications you use for work or play into your quick access toolbar, and never go hunting again.

A fully integrated browser with all your favorite extensions

The browser should be a tool, not your internet access point.

With our built-in browser there isn't anything you can’t do in your WebOS – complete with all of your favorite Chrome extensions.

Keep your personal and professional life separate with personal and business profiles.

Use your personal profile to quickly access your favorite applications like streaming services, online shopping, banking, social, news sources and more!

Use your business profile to quickly and easily access all of the business tools you use to get the job done!

WebOS for Business

Drive productivity and simplicity for you and your team with WebOS for business

  • Simplified employee on/off boarding of all their digital tools
  • The tools your employees need organized and quickly accessible
  • Increase employee productivity by an average 30%
  • Manage WebOS access through role and rule settings
  • Add your business to Qebot business listings to drive more business! (coming soon)

Shop our marketplace of best-in-class technologies

Fully integrated into your WebOS

  • Top-rated, carefully curated technologies

  • Single Sign-On (no more remembering passwords

  • Tools interconnected 

  • Open API to connect outside platforms

Discounts on top-rated technologies

  • Average savings of 20-40% over direct purchasing

  • All tools are activated at their premium tier

  • All tools are a-la-carte. 

  • No long-term contracts - all purchases month-to-month

Centralized Billing & Support

  • A single support channel for all of your tech questions and needs

  • A single monthly, itemized invoice for all of your technologies for simple accounting