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Move Beyond the Browser

Qebot ON is the browser replacement for personalizing how you go online

Built around the apps you use

Real choice on online privacy

Personalized for YOUR work/home

Do you hate hunting for tabs, jumping between browser windows, mixing work and home browsing, worrying about children online activities, and having all of your personal information for sale?

So did we... so we fixed it. Qebot ON - built for how YOU go online!

Customization & Productivity

ON lets you customize your interface to drive productivity
  • Snap your most used apps into your quick access Sn[App] Bar

  • Customize personal and professional profiles for work/life balance

  • Google and Outlook services integrated and a click away

  • Sync Qebot ON to all of your desktop devices

Privacy Control

Take control of your online browsing privacy through Privacy+
  • Stop all sale of your browsing data & history to 3rd parties

  • Integrated VPN for private surfing

  • Ad-blocking

  • 3rd Party site tracking blocker to stop websites from getting your data

  • Unique device identifiers kept private

Business Management

Team productivity, data protection, and app savings with ON for business
  • Marketplace of best-in-class technologies at discounted prices

  • Simple employee on/off boarding

  • Better employee role and access capabilities

  • Deactivate employee access to any/all data with a click

  • Snap access to most used tools for increased productivity

Do more with app organization

No more hunting for tabs, logging in and out of apps, and switching between browser windows for different accounts.

Connect all of the applications you use for work or home into your Sn[App] toolbar, and never go hunting again.

An integrated browser for... browsing

Keep your browser tabs focused on what it was built for - search, research, and browsing!

With our built-in browser there isn't anything you can’t do in ON – complete with all of your favorite Chrome extensions.

Keep your work/life balanced with personal and business profiles.

Use your personal profile to quickly access your favorite applications like streaming services, online shopping, banking, social media, news sources and more! Set up profiles for your whole family to keep everyones online usage separate.

Use your business profile to quickly and easily access all of the business tools you use to get the job done and shop best-in-class technology at discounted pricing!

Qebot ON for Business

Drive productivity and simplicity for you and your team with ON for business

  • Simplified employee on/off boarding of all their digital tools
  • The tools your employees need organized and quickly accessible
  • Increase employee productivity by an average of 30%
  • Manage browser access through role and rule settings
  • Purchase and access top-rated business tools at discounted pricing
  • Add your business to Qebot's business listings to drive more customers! (coming soon)

How People are Using Qebot ON

Personal Profiles

  • Quick access to your favorite apps

  • Work/life balance

  • Controls for family members

  • Private online browsing

  • All of your favorite browser extensions

Get Qebot ON

Business Profiles

  • Better employee management

  • Increased visibility into local operations

  • User controls and access

  • Cost savings with our discounted marketplace of tools

  • Productivity increase

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  • Better pricing on top-tier technologies

  • Custom implementations

  • API's to connect any outside technology you use

  • Advanced user roles and controls

  • Flat rate pricing for users and tool

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