Media and Technology Companies - Expand Your Offerings!

The Qebot platform, paired with our free white label option is perfect to enable media and technology companies to drastically increase their product offerings with little to no up-front investment.

Media Companies

As a media business, you offer advertising and promotional services to your clients. A perfect pairing for tools available through the Qebot platform. Expand your offerings and become the one-stop shop for your clients to purchase quality marketing solutions from your advertising to their website, social media, email marketing, and so much more.

Software to increase product offerings
Increase revenues with Qebot products

Technology Companies

As a technology company you are well aware of the technological needs of your clients. Why not pair your services with the best-in-class tools available through the Qebot platform. 

Create more revenue for your business with little to no upfront investment needed.

Revenue Share

Instantaneously increase your company’s per client revenues by offering any or all of the tools on the Qebot platform. Our revenue share model allows for recurring monthly payouts on all of the tools your client purchases within the platform. No one-time affiliate fees. This is recurring revenue that you can grow on. PLUS – There are no upfront costs required to get started.


Offer your clients access to software they can use in conjunction with your services. Qebot can fully whitelabel our platform and technical support to your business specifications - For free!

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