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VIDEO: Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

Watch this video to see how an email newsletter can be one of your top marketing tools! From driving more leads, to upselling old customers, and creating steady branding to increase customer retention.

First off - It works!

  • The average open rate for newsletters is 21.33%

  • Helps drive customer retention and add-on sales

  • The average ROI on email newsletters is $42 for every $1 spent

  • It’s incredibly effective for letting customers know about updates/upgrades or new product/services

  • 49% of consumers say they want to receive weekly promotions from their favorite brands

  • Your competition is doing it – 81% of SMB’s•It’s easy!

Tips For Optimizing your Newsletter

  • Welcome emails get an 82% open-rate

  • Personalizing subject lines drives 50% higher open rates

  • Videos in emails increase clicks by more than 300%

  • Share content your followers want – Blogs and Q&A•Brand the email and make it beautiful!