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VIDEO: Maximizing your On-Page SEO

This video will show you how to update the meta-data of your website, and show examples of how your should format your meta content to maximize your on-page SEO.

First off - what is Meta Data?

  • Meta data is the quick view title, description, and keywords for your webpage

  • Your meta title is typically the first thing indexed about your business on Google

  • In Google search, the meta title and description are what shows in the results

  • This is most people’s first encounter with your business, so you want it to clearly explain the page

Tips for your meta-title:

  • Your meta title is heavily relied on by Google as to what your webpage is about

  • You want to make sure whatever product/service that page is about is clearly listed

  • If you are a local business, it’s important to include the location (city, state for example)

  • A good format is (product/service | Location | Business Name)

Important factors for your meta-description:

  • Your meta description isn’t used all that much by Google for ranking, but is by searchers!

  • The description falls right below the title – is important to set your business apart

  • Should be less than three sentences, and give a call to action

  • If you have a special offer, include it here!