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How Centralized Software Drives Agency Productivity and Efficiency

Having the right tools is an obvious must for any quality digital agency. Being able to maximize productivity AND offer unique services, all while keeping overhead low, makes the difference between an agency that drives to the top, and those that stagnate.

Getting the most out of your resources is key to building and growing a marketing agency that not only delivers for your clients, but also allows you do so in an efficient and profitable way.

We ran a survey of our white label agency partners to see what using a centralized platform to manage their marketing software helped them accomplish, and here were the overwhelming four highlights that continued to come up:

Standing apart with differentiated services and more offerings
Increased team productivity
Decreased overhead
Increased sales activity through automation
Let’s break each one down just a bit…

1. Standing apart with differentiated services and more offerings:

With a quality, consolidated platform of tools, you are more likely to find and discover new technologies that could help you offer new services to your clients that your competitors are not. For example, many agencies look to the top of funnel as the area where they provide the most value to their clients. But if you are filling the funnel, and your client can’t close, they probably won’t be relying on your services for very long (whether it’s your fault or not).

Picture this instead: what if you offered sales consulting services, paired with automation that you can set up for your client through a CRM that you also offer, bundle all of it together, and generate increased revenue? With the CRM in the same platform as the rest of your client’s tools, you can help show them how you drive leads from top of funnel, then into their CRM, and finally, help walk them through a productive sales cycle process to close more leads. Good for them; more revenue opportunity for you.

2. Increased team productivity:

This one should be pretty obvious. With all of the marketing tools your account managers need to effectively manage their client’s workload (social, email marketing, review management, SEO, site building/landing pages, funnel creation, etc.) in a single platform, your AM team can save valuable time easily jumping from client to client, tool to tool, all with a single sign on. Moreover, since these tools already connect on the backend, your team won’t have to worry about running arduous, manual processes to get information from one place to another. Even your accounting team can reap the benefits of the platform. You can make their lives MUCH easier by having all of your marketing software purchases run through a single monthly invoice that can be itemized by agency units, brands, and specific clients.

3. Decreased overhead:

By having all of your digital tools in one platform, there are a few significant ways you reduce your agency’s overhead. First off, the tools themselves are typically cheaper – having your tools in a single platform means your provider has a single marketing and sales team that helped onboard you for a suite of tools, and their support and operational costs become more streamlined. This enables your platform provider to save a lot of overhead and pass those savings on to you.

Furthermore, you save money because your team is more productive. If your account managers can save a few hours a week, this translates into potentially managing more accounts - equating to less human overhead for you, and potentially, more commission for them as they manage more accounts and thus more budget.

Lastly, with an aggregated system of marketing and sales tools that automatically connect in the backend, you don’t need to hire expensive developers to enable cross tool communication, or purchase third party systems like Zapier to get your tools talking. With tools that are already connected you can get right down to work from the start.

4. Increased sales productivity through automation:

Finally, get back to what you do best – marketing for your clients. Let automation take care of nurturing your leads through your sales cycle, bringing you in only for specific communication points, or to close the sale. This allows you to not only ensure you are making the right touch points with your prospects to nudge them towards a close, but also gives you back the valuable time that you’d be wasting drafting all those emails AND scheduling follow up. Now you can maximize your time doing the best work possible for your clients, and closing more accounts. Use these systems to help you market and drive sales at your agency alongside driving results for your clients!

The value in having a single platform for all of your marketing applications can have far reaching benefits for you and your business. But it’s important to find the right platform that works for you. If you’re looking for a system that can be white labeled (for free), is modular with all tools purchased a-la-carte so you can customize the platform to your clients and your needs, and offers a wide array of software to help you get the job done, check out the Qebot platform’s agency program here. Or email us at to schedule a demo of the platform.