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4 Reasons Marketing Agencies Should Offer DIY Tools

DIY and marketing agency services don’t typically go hand-in-hand. The two concepts are literally antithetical to each other. But the following four points will show you how offering DIY tools through your agency can actually make your sales team more productive, help you more effectively brand your business, create more check in opportunities, and drive more leads to your business.

1. Make your sales team more productive – Let’s face it, not all businesses your sales team calls upon are going to want or be able to afford full marketing services. Not matter how much qualifying you do, a large portion of your sales calls are just not going to buy services. What if you could turn those non-sales over to a DIY set of tools you offer, and make a couple hundred dollars per month, recurring revenue, with no account management or support overhead? Seems like a good way to turn those “no’s” into a recurring revenue stream.

2. Branding – By offering clients that aren’t quite ready to purchase full services a set of branded tools to help them do some of the work themselves, you’re keeping your agency bran in front of them. As they grow, they may eventually want to pass some of that work off to someone else to help manage it. Guess who they are going to go with? Most likely the company they’ve come to trust and are used to seeing on a daily basis. Play the long game without having to do anything.

3. Creates regular check in opportunities – By offering their DIY tools, you can run check up’s of your DIY customer’s marketing success. This gives your team reasons to touch base with them on a regular basis with insights and ideas on how they could be using social, reviews, email marketing, SEO, etc. more productively. Just another opportunity to offer your services – but this time with real data!

4. Drive more leads to your business – By marketing your DIY offerings you can drive prospects that are looking for new marketing and management software. When business owners sign up for your DIY offerings, your pipeline of qualified prospects for service-based add-ons grows. This strategy creates more channels for you to market yourself and fill the top of your funnel.

DIY might seem counter intuitive to the way a marketing agency operates, but as you can see from the above four points, it can actually open doors to more sales, increase marketshare, and drive higher revenues. If you’d like to learn more about how to get started offering these types of tools, check out how Qebot’s white labeled, centralized platform of marketing software can be your turnkey DIY platform. Schedule a demo of the system today.