Why we started Qebot

Qebot was started with a simple premise - to create a system that would help business owners manage their businesses better using state-of-the-art technology. It was the goal of the founders to develop a way in which business owners, from single proprietors to enterprise, could have a place to discover new technologies, and utilize them in a way to save money and drive better performance. By giving business owners and operators the flexibility to customize a platform of business applications to their specific business needs - not bundling, packaging, or tiering services - but allowing businesses to choose how they ran their organization, Qebot puts the power in the hands of business owners.

By working to help connect these tools in new and innovative ways, Qebot helps businesses all over the world be more productive with how they manage tools, cross-functionally. Automation helps businesses be more productive with the resources that they have available. Having all of your pertinent business information in a single platform helps you dive in and pull out the data the make sense for your business - helping business owners make better decisions.


Qebot was founded by CEO, Matthew White, and Head of Development, Cornelius Lamb. 

Matthew spent the early years of his career working in the small business sector, later moving into online marketing at one of the largest SMB agencies in the United States. He went on to spend some time in the mobile advertising and app development industries before approaching Cornelius with an idea - taking his understanding of the online business marketing world and pairing it with the forward thinking concepts of application and advertising technologies to create a platform that would give business owners a way to create exactly what they needed to run their business, while also drastically reducing cost and driving higher performance. 

Cornelius, having worked with Matthew on a previous startup jumped at the chance to build something from scratch again. Bringing to the table well over a decade in IT, API systems, and a background in security protocol, Matthew and Cornelius got to work building what has become of the Qebot platform today.